Xcelerate Lacrosse Tip: Invert Offense

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, Invert Offense:

Team offense is generally built around various formations that allow for movement and balance while attacking the goal.  In these formations, for the most part, attackmen stay around and below goal-line-extended. Midfielders generally are above goal-line-extended, attacking opposing team’s short stick midfielders.

In lacrosse, sometimes a midfielder will take their short-stick defender and dodge him below goal-line-extended, behind the goal.  It is referred to as an invert dodge.  Offenses try to take advantage of the fact that most short-stick midfielders are not as comfortable defending behind the goal. 

Another advantage of an invert dodge is utilizing an attackman against a short stick matchup.  There are also many attackmen who are asked to play midfield since more midfielders play in a game. 

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