Xcelerate Lacrosse Tip: Quick Release Shooting

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, quick release shooting:
There are a lot of different types of shots in a lacrosse game.  You can shoot on the run off the dodge, you can take a time and room shot or shoot in close proximity to the goal.  The time-and-room shot doesn’t occur a lot, but when it does, fool the goalie with a quick release.
1. Triple Threat
The first key to getting a quick release, time-and-room shot of is stepping into triple threat.  As a triple threat player, we should be ready to dodge, shoot or pass in the same position.  As the ball is arriving, you should be going through a recognition / decision process of what the defense is presenting.  If you are within your shooting range and there isn’t another great opportunity available, the decision to shoot should be made.
2. Showing a Target
To get a good quick release shot off, it is crucial to receive a good pass where you’re looking to release the shot.  If you have to catch the ball across your body due to a poor pass, the time it takes to bring your stick across and back to shoot takes away from the ability to get the shot off quickly.
3. Minimize Cradle and Steps
As you step into triple threat and catch the ball into your shooting motion, it is time to take one big step and explode into your shooting motion.  The more time the ball is in your stick, the more time the defense will have to get in your gloves and the goalie with have to get square to your shot.  Getting a shot off when the goalie is still moving makes for a very difficult shot to save.

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