2 Advantages of Great Lacrosse Crease Play

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, 2 Advantages of Great Lacrosse Crease Play:

There are many different reference points referring to the crease area. The paint, the hub, the house, among others. As an offense, we work for opportunities here for many reasons. Understanding why it’s important and how to maximize our potential here is a critical component of success.

Shooting %
The numbers don’t lie. Just like points in the paint in basketball, points in the crease area in lacrosse over a large sample size are a higher percent success rate. As an offense, we know that the defense is aware of this reality as well. Therefore, we must work hard for crease shots to try and increase our high-percentage opportunities.

Manipulate Off-Ball Defenders
A good defense limits crease opportunity. As an off-ball defender, they do that by sloughing off their offensive player and sinking into the crease area. When a player works hard through change of speed and direction cuts, if the off-ball defense does not account for it, offensive-opportunity arises. If the defense does account for it, more space presents itself for the offensive players they are leaving.

Obviously, developing the skills to score on crease opportunities is a critical component to scoring. Understanding why it’s important to work hard in the crease area should fuel your process of improving your speed, agility, offensive IQ and scoring ability.

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