Big Time Lacrosse Plays and Body Language

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, Big Time Lacrosse Plays and Body Language:

Body language is exactly what it sounds like. It's language your body speaks and it is just as loud/louder than the actual words that come out of your mouth.

There was a postgame speech by Geno Auriemma, the head coach of the women's UConn basketball team where he spoke about the body language of his players. He emphasized the importance of body language and supporting your teammates. In the UConn women's basketball program, players know that if that if their body language is not good, they will never get in the game. 

Focus 3 is a group we continue to quote/reference. They emphasize that there is no such thing as a neutral action, statement or attitude. Your attitude is reflected through your body language and 100% of the time, that has an influence on your team. Many game-changing plays stem from positive energy. Every person on the team has influence over this energy through their actions, their words and their attitudes. Stand tall, be engaged, have a smile on your face and encourage a teammate every possible moment you can!

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