Creativity Fuels Passion

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses how, Ceativity Fuels Passion:

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. I know in speaking for myself, the creativity of the sport was one of the very first things that drew me in. I’ll never forget the first time playing catch with my brother and trying both behind the back and around the world passes/shots. As the level of overall skill rises in the sport, we are constantly seeing players evolve the game and the possibilities within it.

As a coach, I believe there is a fine line between encouraging creativity and players just trying to be flashy. Good teams have a solid level of discipline. When you watch a team like Albany play, you see their creativity spill into their team energy. Connecting a behind the back pass to a behind the back shot will naturally gain a reaction from the sideline that could energize the next play which could be a 50/50 ground-ball. If a player has built the skill-set and understands when the right time to use creativity like a behind-the-back, I personally see the benefit of encouraging that.

We have yet to come even close to seeing the limits of what can be done in this sport. Spend time on the wall and in the backyard to build your skillset and be creative. Study what has already been done, and think of what has yet to be done. Innovation is a part of sports, business, and everyday life. Enjoy your improvement and growth and let creativity be part of the fuel.


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