Getting To Know Kathelene Kim Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp Director

Kathelene Kim has a wealth of experience having been a collegiate player at Penn State Abington, and she enters her first season as the Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach at The Queens University of Charlotte. 

Coach Kim will be directing our Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp at the UNC Charlotte this summer, June 25-28.

How many years have you been coaching lacrosse?
I have been coaching Lacrosse for a total of 6 Years. Two at the HS level at 4 at the collegiate level.

What is your favorite camp drill/activity?
My favorite camp drill has to be 1v1 ground balls. It’s such a basic drill and doesn’t require much skill, but it shows who has discipline and who has the most hustle!

What do you find most rewarding about being a coach?
Building relationships and seeing players improve is most rewarding.

What is one of your favorite memories of being a coach?
Making it to the Elite 8 in 2017 NCAA tournament is definitely one of my memories!

What is your most memorable experience playing the sport?
My most memorable experiences playing have to be the things my HS/College teams did off the field. I have made so many lifelong friends through playing lacrosse. The team bonding activities and bus rides were the best!

What is your favorite sport outside of lacrosse and how do you think knowledge/skills in that sport translate to lacrosse?
My favorite sport outside of lacrosse is running. Running isn’t as much a team sport as Lacrosse is but it takes so much discipline and is very mental. Pushing yourself past your limits is something that transfers into lacrosse. You need that extra push to win the groundball or to push the fast break!

What do you believe are the most important characteristics of improvement?
The 3 D’s – Drive, Determination, and Dedication – You have to have the drive and stay motivated to work hard, be determined to reach your goals, and dedicate extra time and energy towards your goal to get better!

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