The Power of Alignment in Lacrosse

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, The Power of Alignment in Lacrosse:

After battling the winter in Northeast Ohio, my mind first has to battle the temptation of thinking of my car and how out of alignment it is from the countless potholes I hit on a daily basis. In reference to a team though, alignment is very important to collective success.

One of the oldest / best visuals to demonstrate the importance of alignment is the hand and fist comparison. When a hand is open and fingers are stretched, there is very little strength and power behind it. If that opened hand tried to attack or defend against another force, broken fingers would most likely be the result. When those five fingers curl into one fist, they are able to act as a unit, greatly increasing the chances of collective success.

There are many forces trying to pull a team apart. One of the most common is ego. Each player has their own level of confidence and desire to achieve on an individual level. The natural human reaction though to other individuals putting him/herself first is to feel that person would not have his/her back if adversity were to it. That person may have had the drive and capability to put others before self but chose not to because the selfishness around him/her led to the feeling of need to look out for oneself.

If you want your team to reach their maximum potential, begin with putting others before yourself. When you do that, it will build trust which will then build unity. A team that is able to perform with unity/alignment behind a common purpose/goal will naturally maximize the strengths of the unit because each individual recognizes his/her value to the group. The successes of the individual become the successes of the unit.

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