3 Key Advantages of a Two-Handed Lacrosse Ground Ball

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, 3 Key Advantages of a Two-Handed Lacrosse Ground Ball:

It’s a constant battle at all levels of lacrosse. Coaches want their players to use two hands and get low on a ground ball. Yet every practice or game, players either successfully or unsuccessfully go after ground balls with one hand. Understanding why it’s important to scoop with two hands is a big part of player buy-in to disciplining him/herself to do it consistently.

1. Support On The Stick
When a player correctly uses two hands with one hand at the top of the stick and one at the bottom, he/she now has full control over the stick. With a one hand ground ball, that player only has the strength of one hand behind the stick. This gives less support to where he/she is scooping and less strength to withstand a check from a pursuing defender.

2. Stick Protection
When a player correctly scoops with two hands and steps next to the ball, it forces him/her to bend down and get his/her chest and head over the ball, as well as a lateral shield with the bent leg. This creates a natural shield to the ball, protecting it from a stick check.

3. Consistency
When players commit to the fundamental techniques of running through a ground ball, getting low and scooping with two hands, he/she will consistently be more successful. It’s important to note that it’s possible to be unsuccessful with the correct, two-hand technique and successful with a one-hand scoop. Make sure you understand that we are focused on our overall efficiency to what is going to make us successful most consistently. 

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