3 Tips To Improving Stick Work

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, 3 tips to improving stick work:

1.)  Technique
Ultimately, consistency of proper technique while maximizing repetitions and effort will make a player the most efficient as a passer and a catcher. Hands should be up and out away from the body to make sure we are snapping the ball and not pushing it towards our target.  Lining our body up properly and throwing overhand will also ensure that the ball stays on the straight line towards our target’s stick. Catching the ball in triple threat position with a soft giving motion will allow us to receive the pass and be prepared to either pass, shoot or dodge.

2.)  Varied Movement
As an athlete, the “game slows down” for us when we are ready to react to any situation that presents itself. If I quickly need to throw a cross handed pass, a behind the back or a pass / catch with my weaker hand, I want to be ready for that because I practiced it countless times.  Whether you are playing with a partner or against the wall, be creative and mix up how you are throwing and catching the ball while maintaining good fundamental technique.  A great way to get new ideas for your wall ball routine is to search “lacrosse wall ball” on YouTube.

3.)  Competition
Stick work can become boring and monotonous. Improvement is based on good technique along with maximum repetitions at maximum effort.  Developing a wall ball routine that you can track how long it takes you to complete or seeing who can get the most repetitions in their weak hand for one minute can give us the added motivation to push ourselves to a higher level.

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