Transition Offense

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Director, Steven DeNapoli, shares his thoughts on Transition Offense:

Creating transition opportunities can help swing momentum in any lacrosse game. As we see a shot clock implemented in the college game, I believe we will see teams pushing an agenda to play more of an up tempo, transition style of lacrosse. 

In order to be an effective transition team you must be able to catch and throw on the run.  This starts with accurate passes from your goalie if it is a save or being able to pick up ground balls in the defensive end of the field and quickly advancing the ball from one player to another. 

In order to create transition you should have your first three guys, whether they are close defensemen, LSMs or short stick D mids, breakout and keep running all the way to the offensive side of the ball. Our goal is to outnumber the defense so we will be able to get someone open for a shot on goal. 

The biggest take away from the transition offense is that the ball moves faster than anyone can run. If you move the ball effectively opportunities will come. 

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