Why Communication is So Critical to Lacrosse Success

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, Why Communication is So Critical to Lacrosse Success:

If every defensive coach in the country had a nickel for every time he said, “Talk, communicate, open your mouths!” at any and every level, we’d have a lot of coaches with a lot of nickels. Lacrosse is a sport where there is a lot of movement. To stay on the same page and operate as a unit, it’s imperative that you open your mouth and talk.

Beyond the communication needed on defense to match-up, call slides, 2-slides, rights, lefts, ground balls and breakouts, communication is also a critical element off the field. As I’ve tried to expand my understanding of building a successful and rewarding culture, I heard of a business having a standard stating, “We talk to, not about one another.”

Everyone has opinions and a certain level of ego. As an athletic season goes on, it’s very easy to talk about, blame or point fingers at a coach or another teammate. Focus 3 is an organization I’ve learned a lot from who urges people and groups to eliminate BCD (Blame, Complain, Defend). BCD has never solved a problem or strengthened a relationship/trust.

It is a guaranteed point of any season to face adversity. It’s easy to respond by blaming someone else or feeling because of the event/circumstance, you don’t have a chance to succeed. When you face something during your sports season, remember that everything you say and do has an influence on your program. Start your conversation by owning where you can be better and with what’s bothering you and seek resolution.

Don’t BCD!!

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