Getting To Know Julia Steier Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp Director

Julia Steier has a wealth of experience having been a collegiate player at Division I Central Connecticut, and as a coach for the past 14 years, most recently as the Huntingdon College head women's lacrosse coach.

Coach Steier will be directing our Xcelerate Nike Alabama Lacrosse Camp at Auburn University this summer, June 22-25.

How many years have you been coaching lacrosse?
I started coaching youth lacrosse when I was a freshman in College. That was in 2003, so I've been coaching now for 14 years.

What is your favorite camp drill / activity?
Besides Drip drip drop on those super hot days, I adore circle add on drills! Small sided games enhance stick skills, puts players into pressure situations, and develops quick thinking and reaction. It also develops quick twitch muscles and explosiveness in small areas.

What do you find most rewarding about being a coach?
I love the life lessons learned through sports. Not everything is going to be easy, and has to be earned. The time management aspect, how to prepare in order to execute skill correctly, all those are important to excelling on the lacrosse field, but are also translated into school, work, and beyond.

What is one of your favorite memories of being a coach?
In 2014, I went to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium with my lacrosse team. My assistant coach and I applied to what seemed like a spam email, but it was a true application to be a casted fan in the Super Bowl! It was a once in a lifetime experience. 

What is your most memorable experience playing the sport?
I was a part of a young Division I program in Connecticut, and my junior year we beat Wagner College for the first time in program history. It was an all around amazing team effort and we knew right then and there we were in the beginning stages of building something truly special.

What is your favorite sport outside of lacrosse and how do you think knowledge / skills in that sport translate to lacrosse?
I am a basketball fanatic. The read and react offenses that UConn women's basketball plays is something I've come to admire. The structure of the Princeton offense can be seen when teams set up two players in the middle of the 8M to flash to ball and clear space for a pop out. Defensively basketball fundamentals can be applied on the field as well. Stepping up on roll dodges, closing up lanes with quick footwork, active hands in the passing lane, so many components can be crossed to lacrosse.

What do you believe are the most important characteristics to improvement?
The innate drive to compete. Competitors are never satisfied. There's always something that can be fixed and adjusted. Whether it's learning a new style pass based on the situation or strapping on ankle weights to be that much faster the next game. The want to be the best will drive an individual to get creative on how they play the game in order to dominate.

What do you think is the most under appreciated skill / ability in the sport of lacrosse?
Anticipation. Some players can see plays develop before they even do, and that's why they tend to be "in the right place at the right time." It's not a "by-chance" skill, because they are always reading, understanding and reacting to what is going on around them. They might not be the stars of the team, but they make the players around them better.

What is your go-to Nike apparel / equipment?
In the winter time, I can't live without Nike Hyperwarm Longsleeve Tops. They are the best outerwear pull over and they're stylish. Did I mention they have thumb holes? Keep your hands warm when I'm at practice. In the summer time, I love the Nike Balance Tank tops. The cut, texture, style are just so cool, and the colors are bright and fun too!

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