Getting To Know Noelle Brouillard Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp Director

Noelle Brouillard has extensive experience at the NCAA Division III level.  In addition to her coaching experience at Scranton, she played for four seasons at Allegheny College, with Whitworth University, selecting here to become the school's first women’s lacrosse coach in May of 2017. 

Noelle Brouillard will be directing our Xcelerate Nike Washington Girls Lacrosse Camp at Pacific Lutheran University this summer, July 29-August 1.

How many years have you been coaching lacrosse?
I have been coaching for 5 years at the University level both overseas in Engand and in the U.S. and at the high school and youth levels since I was a player in college.

What is your favorite camp drill/activity?
I love drills that are fast tempo and allow players to make quick decisions as they are most game like and everyone knows game time is the best part of lacrosse! One of my favorites is a man up box drill that allows defenders to enter every 3 passes. It challenges the attackers to make good decisions as well as the defense to get big and go for interceptions.

What do you find most rewarding about being a coach?
I most enjoy getting to see players grow both on and off the field. That is the most amazing part about being on a team: learning to come together as a unit to achieve something greater than just you yourself could do on your own. Lacrosse builds lifelong friendships that continue long after your final game ends.

What is one of your favorite memories of being a coach?
One of my favorite coaching memories was when I was over in England with the University of Exeter and we made it to the semifinal playoff game. We were playing the best team in England that had a roster of mostly American former D1 players and to see our team rise up and never back down in a very tough game was amazing to see. We were the only team in the league to score that many points against this team who went on to win the English University Championships.

What is your most memorable experience playing the sport?
I have a lot of fun and memorable moments throughout my years of playing. In general though: the ability to be out on the field on game day surrounding by your best friends was one of my favorite thigns about being a lacrosse player. For those two hours nothing else mattered except the game, your team, and all the hard work you completed leading up to that moment. I think those moments are really rare to find in life and when I look back on game days with my team  I still can’t believe I got to experience them every week during lacrosse season.

What is your favorite sport outside of lacrosse and how do you think knowledge/skills in that sport translate to lacrosse?
I enjoy watching football. I am a big Miami Dolphins fan, but more than that I love watching the speed and agility that football players possess on offense. There is a lot to learn from watching them sprint or cut on a dime to lose their defense. I think that’s why we hear of more and more football players who compete in the NFL but grew up playing lacrosse. The speed from both sports match up really well.

What do you believe are the most important characteristics of improvement?
Coachability, commitment, hard work, dedication. If you grow up implementing these values into your daily life both on and off the field, you will reach any goals that you set for yourself.

What do you think is the most under-appreciated skill/ability in the sport of lacrosse?
Strong defensive positioning. Defenders often don’t get recognized by stats a lot, and especially not defenders with strong body positioning. Being a good defender with the correct positioning allows you to do so much more and be a real asset to your teammates in terms of sliding and crashing inside the 8 meter. If you can stop your player from driving without needing a slide it makes team defense a whole lot easier.

What is your go-to Nike apparel/equipment?
Nike sneakers are always my go to for recruiting and coaching-so many options to choose from and also a comfortable shoe to wear on turf any time of the year.

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