Great Channels for Lacrosse Video Content

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, 16 Great Channels for Lacrosse Video Content:

This list started with the top 10 and turned into the top 16. So many great avenues to find quality and valuable lacrosse content now. I tell kids all the time how jealous I am that they have lacrosse video right at their fingertips. Growing up, my brother and I watched and re-watched the few VHS tapes we had to analyze on our own what the top players were doing, then trying to replicate in the backyard.

As the sport of lacrosse grows with emerging technologies, there are so many great platforms to watch highlights, pick up skill tips and stay up to date with news in lacrosse. While there are countless more doing a fantastic job delivering lacrosse written and video content, here are some (in no particular order) to check out if you haven’t already.

1). Joe Keegan - What I love about Joe’s video content is he includes a lot of short clips based on a specific subject. It’s easy to get lost in a long highlight and just watch for fun. This YouTube user’s channel is a great place to explore various lacrosse concepts.

  • Twitter - @joekeegs
  • Twitter - @MoneyballLax
  • YouTube - Joe Keegan
  • Website -

2). Lacrosse Film Room - Content includes highlights, matchups and position/team concepts. This channel really provides great value for those looking to dive a little deeper by analyzing a great 1 v 1 matchup, watching clips on a specific topic (recently 10-man ride and pick-and-roll in substitution were added) or seeing game/player highlights.

  • Twitter - @laxfilmroom
  • Instagram - lacrossefilmroom
  • YouTube - Lacrosse Film Room

3). The Lacrosse Network- Colin and Samir have taken the lacrosse world by storm. Their creative and informative content is highlighted by the “Weekly Watch.” Their platform not only keeps viewers up to date with the latest news and trends in all levels and leagues of lacrosse, but really plays to the passion of players and coaches through challenges like, “low-angle challenge,” and the, “no-look challenge.”

  • Twitter - @LacrosseNetwork
  • Instagram - lacrossenetwork
  • YouTube - The Lacrosse Network
  • YouTube - Colin and Samir

4). Huntva- This is a personal account of someone who lives in the Baltimore area. He has numerous other types of content on his/her channel, but the lacrosse highlights are great. It includes high level high school and college matchups from an elevated position. Game highlights are generally around 10 minutes and shows everything from good defense, ground ball play, goals, assists and saves.

  • YouTube - huntva

5). Lacrosse Nation - This is my go to spot to find full games and highlights. Soon after college games are played, highlights and some full game tape becomes available. Great place to not only catch up with missed action, but to study different techniques and concepts for players and coaches.

  • Twitter - @LaxNation_
  • YouTube - Lacrosse Nation

6). Inside Lacrosse - Probably the overall leader in lacrosse content and news. Inside Lacrosse is constantly building it’s platform and covers every form of the sport from mens, womens, box, field, youth, high school, pro and everything in between.

  • Twitter - @inside_lacrosse
  • Instagram - insidelacrosse
  • YouTube - Inside Lacrosse
  • Website -

7). Lacrosse All Stars- Another great platform for written material and video. Blog posts on youth, high school, college and professional lacrosse are supplemented with great video clips. A great one stop shop for news, video, gear and information on lacrosse events.

  • Twitter - @LaxAllStars
  • Instagram - laxallstars
  • YouTube - Lacrosse All Stars
  • Website -

8). LaxDotComTV - This platform has some great close-up and slow-motion highlights as well as some informative material on lacrosse gear as they do sell equipment.

  • Twitter - @laxdotcom
  • Instagram - LACROSSE.COM
  • YouTube - LAXdotCOMtv
  • Website -

9). NLL - The National Lacrosse League has been around for a long time and has drawn a significant following in many markets. In the last couple seasons, they have really invested in their video content and social media platforms, continuously posting engaging and informative material. The game of box lacrosse is taking the US by storm, and this platform is great for finding the latest news from the greatest teams and players on the planet.

  • Twitter - @NLL
  • Instagram - nll
  • YouTube - NLL National Lacrosse League
  • Website -

10). MLL - Highlights, interviews, weekly and yearly awards… you name it. Major League Lacrosse is the sport’s outdoor professional league and their YouTube platform delivers consistent and quality video content detailing the best teams and players the game has to offer.

  • Twitter - @MLL_Lacrosse
  • Instagram - majorleaguelax
  • YouTube - MLL Major League Lacrosse
  • Website -

11). LaxPlayBook - Includes analysis of college plays and concepts as well as animated plays and descriptions. Good place for players and coaches to build IQ and add layers to their playbooks.

  • Twitter - @LaxPlayBook
  • Instagram - laxplaybook
  • YouTube - LaxPlayBook
  • Website -

12). US Lacrosse Magazine- Another great outlet to stay in touch with the latest news in every possible avenue of our sport. One of my favorite pieces they do is, “Dialed In,” highlighting the top news in the sport on a day-to-day basis.

  • Twitter - @USLacrosseMag
  • Instagram - US Lacrosse Magazine
  • YouTube - US Lacrosse Magazine
  • Website -

13). ECD Lacrosse - East Coast Dyes was one of the first companies to really dive into and improve lacrosse stringing and have expanded from there. Beyond the lacrosse products they offer, their web content includes stick reviews, stick stringing tutorials and countless other formats.

  • Twitter - @EastCoastDyes
  • Instagram - ecdlax, ecdwlax, ecd_nation, ecdgreg
  • YouTube - ECD Lacrosse
  • Website -

14). StringKing Lacrosse - ECD’s friendly competitor, StringKing is an innovator in the world of lacrosse stringing and lacrosse sticks. They have a ton of great behind the scenes content as well as stringing tutorials and equipment reviews/information. Watching the stick trick videos of one of their sponsored pros, Matt Gibson, keeps you thinking about what’s next, always pushing the creative boundaries of this sport.

  • Twitter - @StringKing
  • Instagram - stringking
  • YouTube - StringKing
  • Website -

15). Lax Sports Network - Although their online content is a paid platform, their video content is very professional, in-depth and consistent. For the lacrosse-rat really looking for the next level of video content, the $8 a month is well worth the investment.

  • Twitter - @LaxSportsNet
  • Instagram - laxsportsnet
  • YouTube - Lax Sports Network
  • Website -

16). US Lacrosse - The governing body of lacrosse in the United States, US Lacrosse is a great platform for informative video and information. Video content includes very professional video, behind-the-scenes footage, rules information, instructional videos and so much more.

  • Twitter - @USLacrosse
  • Instagram - US Lacrosse
  • YouTube - US Lacrosse
  • Website -
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